We want our Stardrive back!

USS Ajax Captain’s Log
Captain Cobramax Mechanique

The USS Ajax and its crew experienced an interesting event when our Stardrive was stolen by a commando team of Romulans. As is this weren’t embarrassing enough, Admiral Foreman contacted me, and sent a ship for us to use; the USS Hood.

This old bucket of bolts, as it turns out, has been in mothballs since the era of Captain Kirk. I can only presume this was Admiral Forman’s chance to mess with me, as he does every chance he gets!

Through a bit of information we received through diplomatic channels, we located our Stardrive. The Romulans were tying desperately to sell it, so as not to get caught with Federation property in their hands. We had to think fast. With the able help of our resident Vulcan Engineer, Sodak, we devised a plan.

Through a double encoded subspace signal, we sent our Stardrive a virus. We only had moments to send the code without being detected, but we succeeded.

The purpose of the virus was to throw the ship into reverse every time the Romulans demonstrated the Warp Drive to the potential buyers. The virus worked perfectly, which actually turned out to be quite a riot to observe! Turns out the potential buyers weren’t as amused as we were and eventually left, much to the discontent of the Romulans. Once we were through laughing, it was time to execute our plan to recover our property.

After a very exciting battle by our Hazard Team, we recovered our Stardrive. There were no casualties other than our bruised pride for losing our Stardrive int he first place.

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End of Log
USS Ajax Captain Cobramax Mechanique