GalaxyFleetCommand Sims

The GalaxyFleetCommand area in SecondLife® consisted of 4 connected sims (Galaxy, Aeon, Sovereign and Constellation), collectively called the Galaxy Sims.

Beginning of 2016 GFC downsized in SecondLife to one sim, so that only Galaxy is left. On the other hand our fleet expanded to InWorldz and established an outpost. Currently we are located with an office on a space station. Furthermore we do have  a Colony on the DigiWorldz Grid. The New Vinland Colony is also the place for the USS Davy Crockett roleplay

Galaxy on SecondLife
Here you will find the primary headquarters of GalaxyFleetCommand.

Members and non-members come to the Galaxy SIM, to enjoy the peaceful exploration of the final frontier. Most of the group’s office buildings occupy Galaxy and this is where the business of the group takes place. Some of the facilities of the other sims will be moved back to Galaxy. Those will include a vendor area as well as the Galaxy Beach.


USS ParisShips of the Fleet
There might be some role play areas in orbit over our sim. Other roleplays will take place in different sims. For details please see rp ships.





To keep the memories please find below the list of former GFC sims.

Aeon – Historic InformationAeon Sim
Our second sim, Aeon was a sister to Galaxy. This area was a mixed-used area. It host facilities for role play, sandbox area and was also home to Galaxy Market, a vendor venue.

Aeon was generally where you’ll find the bulk of our members at any given moment for the sandbox area was a very popular place where members and non members alike came to work, build and socialize.


Constellation – Historic Information
Our third sim contained a residental area with several houses and the seaside area.





Sovereign – Historic Information
The fourth sim was home to the spectacular Phoenix Station high in orbit. Here you found familiar settings,  as well as rental units, large areas for role play, and much more. In addition you found Galaxy Beach in this sim.