GFC celebrating Earth Day 2015

poster-earthdayOn April 22 the world wide Earth Day was celebrated to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Climate change has already had devastating impacts around the world. Of course, those who understand climate change know that if humanity continues on its current trajectory, these impacts will only get more severe. How can you talk about solutions and hope when the impacts of climate change get worse by the day? Well, you look for stories. You look for stories of people banding together to make their communities more resilient. This is what the GFC Earth Day Event “Green expo” aimed at.

bixby-earthdayThe expo was hosted by the organisation team under the lead of Fleet Admiral Katrina and took mainly place in Galaxy Park in Galaxy Sim. The Expo lasted for one week from 18th April to 25th April and included entertainment, education and celebration.

party-earthdayTo name a few events which took place I like to list the following: Sophie Johnson (hydregion) won the Greedy Tournament in the bar of the RP facility Phoenix Station above Sovereign sim which was very entertaining. Or the opening party which also took place in the bar.

fleet-earthdayFleet Goldenberg* planned to host a discussion on the topic “Personal and mass-scale natural power via wireless kinetic energy exchange”. But the event was cancelled due lack of participation. Fleet Goldenberg wanted to discusses how kinetic energy generated by body movement might be harnessed – like wrist-watches powered by kinetic energy – and amplified to power more energy-demanding devices carried by an individual or embedded inside the body. In addition he wanted to explore how such energy may be exchanged over short-range distances between groups of people such as passers-by in the street in order to provide mutual charging through wireless exchange of electrical energy: a system that would provide natural energy for the entire planet if adopted globally, with the only limit on the amount of power available being the amount of food available to sustain the human populace.

rob-earthdayOur Academy Commandant RoBobby McMillan hosted a lecture at the academy with the topic “Star Trek as an inspiration”. The movies and series continuously discuss problems and dilemmas of today in terms of social as well as ecological matters, or its results transferred in to the Trek universe. So as one example commandant McMillan used the movie Star Trek IV, the Voyage Home, which showed us that if we destroy the ecological diversity on earth and species are die we may have trouble in the future. Maybe we won’t be attacked by aliens for doing so, but there might be consequences. Everything about it tells us that we have to be careful with our planet: not just with the animals, but also with our atmosphere. While most Star Trek episodes are about something else than the environment, they do show the importance of our plane. Not necessarily in their storylines, but in what the characters do, how they behave and by the technology they created. The replicators are a good example for this, as they are an ultimately recycling device. Leftovers are just deposited back into the replicator, and changed back into energy, for people to use another time. They are, in essence, the humanity we should inspire to become. It’s a positive outline of the future, so take the Trek future as an inspiration for our actions today.

If we all take a stand (not only on Earth Day but through the whole year) so that together we can show the world a new direction there can be BILLION ACTS OF GREEN.

expo-earthdayOn the expo space in the Galaxy Park many divisions showed the beauty of our planet earth as well as ways to make a small step to a healthy and environmental friendly future. Those examples included the link to movie on YouTube showing the diversity of life on Earth and how humanity is threatening the ecological balance of the planet. A second example is an organisation donating to plant trees for only using the internet,

So we should follow the topic of the GFC Green expo 2015 and “start today for a trek universe tomorrow”, as without a planet earth there won’t be a first contact with the Vulcans nor a federation, which means also no GFC.

All those examples proof that It’s Our Turn to Lead, which was this year’s official theme of the Earth Day by the organization Earth Day Network.

The author also likes to thank all people from the fleet who helped to make this event come true.


*Fleet Goldenberg is the co-owner of the non-profit company Sambiglyon (, which operates the chain of non-prof land rental ‘Eduislands’ in Second Life. Fleet has spoken at GFC events in previous years on subjects such as Star Trek technology, warp drive physics, Stargate wormholes and the reconciliation of scientific and spiritual approaches to world issues.