FAdm Birthday Party IS Coming

There’s something changing shape in the Aeon Sandbox! You may not even believe your eyes!

As you walk closer it becomes apparent it’s a poster site which changes with the size of the poster. What manner of witchcraft, I hear you cry!

No sorcery involved here, just a little SL magic! This latest creation is one of Richardjrn Weatherwax’s latest inventions for  Social Events. Richard’s new poster frame was installed to make people aware of GFC’s next big party, celebrating the Fleet Admirals birthday.

Graphics are provided by Snapper Desade to closely reflect SL interaction in the poster using members as models and sets as backdrops.

The theme of the Fadms party will be Super Heroes. This will be a great chance for people to dust off their old Marvel costumes.  C’mon, you know the ones you bought because they looked so good in that sci-fi store but then suddenly realised you actually had nowhere to wear it in public?  Oh! and the strange looks you get in the Sandbox!

There will be no embarrassment now, as you can wear your spandex and leathers without geek shame.  Come down to Galaxy and party with the fleet at the Roddenberry Centre where a great street set has been created by Jens Johnson (Jailan Resident).

For more details contact: Debbydo – Social Events Lead

Roddenberry Centre
1st September 2012
1:00PM SLT

If you have a SecondLife® account and a SL viewer installed, you can come and party at the The Roddenberry Centre here