Aeon Farewell Event

As GalaxyFleetCommand is reducing the sims, we call our home in Second Life, and our second oldest sim is close to its final days, we decided to celebrate all the memories which were gathered over the years.

aeon-farewell-1The event started with a parade at Galaxy Market east. All participants where wearing GFC or division flags. Even former members showed up to share the memories. During the parade we were passing the Welcome Plaza, the Aeon Sandbox, Weapons Sandbox and Sandbox Station we reached the Aeon Auditorium. Here we stood in formation before the Aeon plague. FADM Bixby and ViceFleetAdmiral Mechanique hold some speeches about Aeon and the changes ahead.

Aeon-farewell-2FAdm Bixby underlined, that it always has been the goal to have the sims pay for themselves, but this goal was not reached. As the numbers of avatars in whole SL are decreasin, the sim owners are happy to keep one sim and expanding to Inworldz. To quote the FADM “it’s like having our home here in Beverly hills, but we have a summer home in Inworldz”.
VFADM Mechanique added that Aeon will be hold as we can. The red line will be the Aeon / Galaxy border.

aeon-farewell-3Now we all entered the Aeon Auditorium to hear from our members what their memories are on Aeon. During the ceremony the Senior Admirals Bixby and Mechanique as well as Admiral Quonset, Admiral Matova, Tedra de Arr (Tedra Llewellyn) (Capt of the RP ship USS Menelaus) and Sailor Vasiliev sat on the stage.

The first, who said few words, was the Academy Commandant Robobby McMillan. He mentioned that Aeon was a familiar place for him; even this Auditorium has been the site of many, many ‘Town Hall Meetings’, where I led discussions about what would be best for GFC. Also the Sandbox which was a place for fun, building and just hang outs not only to the fleet members.

After the speech of the Commandant an old speech from Admiral Stones Petty was played via  audio stream and copied to chat by FADM  Bixby who mentioned that due the recent changes in the fleet speech is still up to date and the words are relevant to the fleet. In that old speech for the last rebuild of the sims Admiral Petty thanked the Galaxy region sim owner and our group leaders. He also spoke about our group – standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to build a bridge that would bring our community together as one. And overlooking the undiscovered country, poised to begin construction. It was also mentioned that he is proud to say that the foundations of our new community have now been built. Admiral petty continued in the speech that this month marks a new beginning for our group and we have a new focus. FADM underlined one part of the old speech “There are people who make things happen. There are people who watch things happen and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen.”

While our Academy Air Corps Pilots prepared for the air show rsdworker (rsd58 Congrejo) took the opportunity to say few words. He underlined that he  had lot security work in the sandbox to protect the sims and GFC. He is also sure that we all will be remembering Aeon as past and present.

Also the Academy Vic Commandant Kieran Braveheart shared his memories apart from sitting on top of signs whilst hearing about the last time Rob was killed. (Robobby McMillan died often in several rps). For Kieran the sandbox was the place he met with the crew that would become the second best crew in GFC history that ran in EU times. There is a huge amount of RP’s he ran in this sim. Therefore he will always remember the amazing times.

FADM Katrina Bixby concluded the raw of speeches remembering the many parties, wars, marriages, funerals, promotions, sales, and more which was a lot of fun. Aeon will be missed but we will continue to have fun in Galaxy and Galaxy II (our planned sim in Inworldz).

aeon-farewell-4The program of the farewell event continued outside the Auditorium with the Air Show by the AAC pilots. Which performed few fly over’s in old 20th century helicopters. After The party in front of the auditorium.

aeon-farewell-5We only can remember this sim and all the experiences connected to it. So I conclude this article with the words. Aeon you will be missed but our memories will stay for ever.