GalaxyFleetCommand Green Expo 2016

Welcome to the GFC Green Expo 2016

GalaxyFleetCommand once again hosted the GFC Green Expo on the real life earth day of 22nd April, 2016.Snapshot_004

The committee led by Admiral JD Matova put together a nice agenda including parties, exhibitions, tree planting ceremony, a movie show and a water polo game. The festivities started  at 1pm (SL time) with an opening speech followed by a party at Galaxy Market. Our host and DJ for the party was Ste Mefusula.Snapshot_013

Snapshot_003Galaxy Market was also the location for the divisional exhibition where the divisions of the fleet could present themselves and show what they do for the fleet. One of the vendors at the market had a cinema set up. There the movie HOME was shown. This movie shows how nice our planet is and what we can do to protect it.

Snapshot_011The protection of the earth is also the theme of an exhibition in the lobby of the Headquarters building, setup by RoBobby McMillan. The images at the wall show simple things each of us can do to help to protect the earth. Things like using less water, use public transport or the bike to go to work, recycle to use less natural resources etc.

Snapshot_010The second day of the 3-day long Green Expo (Saturday 23rd) was the day of the main ceremony. As the RL earth day 2016 as the theme “trees for the earth” we planted a tree in our second life sim. The chosen location was the hill in front of the galaxy auditorium. A growing tree was rezzed there and the growth duration was set to one month – that means in one month the tree growth up to its full size before it shrinks again and starts over to grow again. This tree is a virtual reminder to help the RL earth day team to reach their goal to plant 7,8 billion trees by 2020. As the trees are part of the organism that filter CO2 and keep the oxygen for us and all the animals. Without oxygen and without a healthy earth we won’t be able to see the future and see how we go where no one has gone before.

Waterpolo_005Sunday 24th was the final day of the event. FADM Katrina Bixby organised a water polo game. This was a great fun!

So the green challenges will continue as there is only one earth – however there are more planets categorized as M-class and no matter what species you are planet earth is worth to be protected.