DS19: New Joint Group RP

DS19 Sciences have detected anomalous readings during routine shuttle operations through the wormhole. The nature of these readings are inconclusive at this time, but it has been determined that there is need to investigate the strange energy readings that have been detected.

Station Operations is preparing necessary crafts to depart Deep Space 19 to approach and enter the wormhole for clearer and hopefully more conclusive readings.

At this time there is no clear indication for any cause for concern, but given that the wormhole is of such strategic and logistical importance to the fleet, we must make haste to learn all that we can and discover the nature of these detected disturbances and ascertain if there is indeed any cause for concern.

This mission will require personnel from all divisions, and is expected to take between one and no more than two hours.

Mission briefing will begin sharply at 3:00PM SLT in Ops @ DS19.