GalaxyFleetCommand Academy InsigniaAcademy Subdivisions

Lead: Monkeyman Firethorn (monkeyman8290 Firethorn)

Assistant Lead: (vacant)

Office Location: Galaxy sim, GFC Headquarters, South Wing, 1st floor / Ground Floor

The Academy is a standalone division of GalaxyFleetCommand, under the watch of the Academy Commandant. Our Instructors are generally from the Subdivisions they hold courses for. There are some exceptions, like Basic Training or other General-Education or informational classes.

There are two schools, Basic Training and Officer Training. New recruits go through the Basic Training School before they’re graduated to Crewman 2nd class. Officer Training School is for members who’ve been with GFC for a little while already, and would like to become an officer in the fleet.For the latest Academy news, see our Class Schedule. Of course, impromptu classes will be offered and can be requested, at all time. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, feel free to contact our Academy Commandant, RoBobby McMillan, via IM in-world.

A very brief description of our Academy Subdivisions is listed here. Click on the Subdivision header to view more detailed information about the group.

Air Corps
Learn to fly in SecondLife® with various air and space craft.

GFCA Library
We’re more than books, come check us out!