New RP: USS Hood

A long-range subspace encoded communication was just received from an unknown sector, which contained a brief status log entry. It is believed to have been sent to Starfleet from the newly commissioned ship, the USS Hood. This communication is worrying to say the least.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 50982.4
Someone, perhaps a crew member, has managed to smuggle an alien life-form on board that is slowly turning my crew and my ship against me. So far, my senior staff has not been affected, to my knowledge. However, they’re also pretty distracted studying technical journals & history records to keep ourselves up to date on current technologies.

Information here is missing and the gaps need filling in. We suggest members attend the RP to help gather more data for the fleet.

Captain’s Log Supplemental:
It’s been several hours, and this creature… has managed to gain control of every system on the ship. No one knows what it wants, or why the computer is randomly giving out odd quotes & limericks… As for the rest of my crew, the…

[the transmission suddenly ended]

The situation is sounding desperate! If you want to join the crew and help uncover this mystery, come join the RolePlay. The regular scheduled time is Monday 6:30PM SLT (SecondLife Time). Meet in Aeon sandbox for briefing at around 6:15PM SLT

If you have a SecondLife® account and a SL viewer installed, click here for a teleport to the Aeon Sandbox.

For more details contact:
Captain:  Banditt Weintraub    XO:  Joshua Humbridge

(SLT is equivalent to Pacific Standard Time)