How do I join GalaxyFleetCommand?


This is a question asked by many visitors, so here’s a little summary on how to become a GFC member.  Where you go, and how to get there depends on where you land in the Galaxy sims.

Galaxy :
From the Galaxy TP point walk up the stairs to GFC headquarters, go to your right and enter the building. This is the Personnel Office.

As you go past the first door there are two plaques on the wall. One plaque is where you sign in and from here you will go to a page where you can fill in your details and a Personnel officer will be in contact with you within 24 – 48 hours.
Alternately contact the Personnel officer who is signed in on the other plaque.

Here you will land in the sandbox where you will find many members dotted around relaxing or working on their builds. Our fine officers will be willing to help send you in the right direction to the Personnel Office, so feel free to ask them. You may even find a Personnel Officer in the sandbox.

Aeon sim public sandbox

Sovereign & Constellation :
Walking around these sims you will find our library, medical centre, tactical arena and also a nice beach.

If there are no Personnel Officers around, just walk along the path and follow the signs to GFC headquarters where it will bring you back to the beginning or this article to where you can join our wonderful fleet.

Good luck on your quest and we look forward to seeing you in your GFC Star Fleet uniform!