The Cardassians Are Here…

With the tension between the Federation officers stationed at DS19 and the Cardassian Union escalating over the last few months, Starfleet Central Command have come up with a solution they believe will help calm the waters. A young Federation Lieutenant has been ordered by Central Command to report to DS19 to serve as an Ambassador.

Gul Corak and his ship

Silence is all that can be heard throughout the entire station as the Cardassian ship docks at DS19. This is the first Cardassian Ship that has been allowed to dock for months and due to the new set of orders that came down from Central Command leaving the station commanders hands tied, they were forced to cooperate.

A slight hiss can be heard as the docking bay doors decompress and open. Out of the dark shadows of the Cardassian ship steps Lieutenant j.g. Mollsen, a young Cardassian Starfleet Officer chosen to serve as the ambassador.

Cardassian ship docking at DS19

Suddenly a figure appears from the shadows and steps into the light…

Gul Corak looks around slowly and takes in a deep breath as though he is remembering something from the past. ” Just like coming home ,” he says with a coy smile. ” Things have changed a bit since I had command of this station.” Corak pushes past the small crowd and makes his way into the main part of the station.

Lieutenant Mollsen stands at the entrance watching the Gul, then turns her attention to the station’s Commanding officer and exclaims,

“Lieutenant j.g. Kendra Mollsen reporting for duty Sir! Permission to come aboard”