Our organization consists of five main divisions with leadership for each. Each division leader is responsible for all the people under their command. Each main division also contains many subdivisions and departments, each with their own leadership.

Members may join any division, however, you are limited to two roles in GFC; those roles can be in the same or different divisions.

Click on the division header to explore our divisions and subdivisions, and see where you might fit in!

GalaxyFleetCommand Command Insignia



The Leadership of the Fleet



GalaxyFleetCommand Science Insignia



The Scientific subdivisons of the fleet: Medical and Research



GalaxyFleetCommand Engineering Insignia



Building the dream of the future



GalaxyFleetCommand Security Insignia



Ensuring the security of the sims and training on arms in the tactical sub divison



GalaxyFleetCommand Academy Insignia



Teaching, information and service for the fleet in the Libary, Career Development and AirCorps subdivisons