GFC participating in the SL Sci-Fi Con 2016

rfl-logoSince 2008 the Sci-Fi Alliance organised the SL Sci-Fi Convention to support the American Cancer Society in its fundraising program “Relay For Life”. With the years the convention became one of the largest virtual fundraising events for RFL – the donated money will be used for research, education and service to fight cancer.

Snapshot_009In 2016 the event took place from 18th to 27th March and GalaxyFleetCommand had a booth in one of the six sims with many booths from groups, shops and roleplay ships as well as events, parties and shows.

The booth of GFC was located in the purple sector – a sim called “New Arcadia”. The theme of the sim was “Cloud City”. This means a floating city in the sky like in Steampunk, Star Wars or in the TOS episode from Star Trek “Cloud Miners”.

Snapshot_008Our fleet decided to start with different drafts of the build and decide which draft should be used at the con. After it was decided which will be used the work on it was finished and the interior was setup and the team program and team to staff the booth were planned.

Therefore GFC likes to thank the Sci-Fi Alliance for organising the event and also we like to thank the GFC officers who helped to make this real.

Snapshot _ SL Sci-Fi! Purple Sector, New Arcadia (112, 221, 10-30Just to highlight few of them: Jens Johnson (jailan) who made the final draft, and several parts of the furniture, Isra Laval who made the info terminals, Robobby McMillan who helped with the info note cards, TimoL McMillan who made one of the other drafts, Sophie Johnson (Hydregion) who chaired the organisation team, Katrina Bixby who made the participation in the con possible, JD Matova who co-chaired the organisation team, made several information note cards and posters. There are for sure many other members who staffed the booth and answered questions of visitors etc. nut unfortunately we can not mention all.

GFC looks forward to the next con and stands together in the fight of cancer.