New RP Starship Commissioned: USS Zhuozi

GalaxyFleetCommand is pleased to announce the latest addition to the roleplay fleet, the USS Zhuozi.

This new set has been added to GFC’s main Holodeck, more commonly known as the RP Center. The USS Zhuozi is a futuristic vision of a Star Fleet ship. The set is dark in design giving it a more sinister feel. The set includes multiple decks, including the main bridge, weapons locker room, teleport room, brig and a conference room for those important RP crew meetings.

The ship uses turbo lifts to travel between not just other sections of the ship but back to the RP center and the lift in the Aeon sandbox.  Like many sets, there is the usual audio warnings when pressing strategically placed buttons with the addition of ship damage to specific areas.

The set was created by one of our group members, Ensign Katie Zwilling, and is easily one of our most impressive sets! It has a great feel, is well designed, and has great potential for engaging role playing.

If you have a SecondLife® account and a SL viewer installed, click here for a teleport to the RP Center and check out this set and the numerous other sets available.