GalaxyFleetCommand Strategic Operations InsigniaDivision: Command
Subdivision: Strategic Operations

Lead: (vacant)

Assistant Lead:  (vacant)

Office location: Galaxy sim, GFC Headquarters, Inner South Tower, 3rd Floor

The mission of Strategic Operations is to encourage and help in the participation and the creation of role play activities in GalaxyFleetCommand. Its main duties are to work alongside and encourage those who wish to run their own RP’s in the group.

  • Assist in the creation of Role Play activity in the group if required and being available to answer questions if needed.
  • Help to make sure dates and times of RP’s are made available to the group and don’t happen as the same time as other events.  Announcements can be made from a variety of sources which could include calendars, blogs, forums, social media or audio/video.
  • Assisting mission commanders/Game Masters so they have the correct tools to run their own RP, this would included access to group announcements, documentations and if required communicating with members who can help with promotion, creation of sets, scripted items or locations.

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