U.S.S. Malta Roleplay

With permission of Commander Sophie Johnson – I will be the reporter in the background on this article.
Note of this reporter: All events, statements and spoken content  from this point is roleplay. So promotions and assignments are not real in GalaxyFleetCommand.

U.S.S Malta roleplay

U.S.S Malta roleplay

As I came aboard the Bridge of the U.S.S. Malta there were five people:  Yaz, Petty Officer Mitsuki Renari,  Captain Richardjrn Weatherwax, Commander Sophie Johnson and Lieutenant T’Lara Ek’Tal. Later came Captain Kie Braveheart in with Commander Doc Songlord to the Bridge. The ship approaches her destination which is, Earth Spacedock.

There is a ceremony going to take place there which involves the Captain as he is already dressed in Dress uniform. Commander Johnson returns to the Bridge also dressed in Dress Uniform. Captain Braveheart left the bridge again. It seems to me that there will be high ranking officers at this so called ceremony. We transported down to Earth Spacedock and Captain Braveheart was already present there.

The ceremony starts.
Captain Braveheart is reading out loud an order from Vice-Admiral Jonathan Calder; Starfleet Command which says:

“To Captain Kieran Braveheart
Commanding Officer USS Malta

You are promoted to the rank of Commodore with an immediate transfer to the Diplomatic Corps.
Furthermore you are hereby requested and required to relinquish command of USS Malta to Commander Sophie Johnson

Vice-Admiral Jonathan Calder
Starfleet Command”

So Commander Sophie Johnson is Commanding Officer of the USS Malta and she gets promoted to Captain. After this she gives a speech to the crew. Then the new Captain calls the crew to Ops. There are Crewman Vhelana and Ensign Keri Summers present.

Commodore Braveheart explains the situation;  ” Task Force 29 has come under attack…as Sophie knew they would by a Klingon armada what’s unusual however is the weaponry these ships had.  Now, I’ve just ordered 3 star ships to head that way to investigate, however Sophie, I want you to take USS Malta and lead the investigation.”

Captain Johnson gives the crew her orders and they all go back to their stations on the Bridge.

They get underway to do their investigation and Lieutenant  Ek’Tal gets promoted to Lieutenant Commander and gets assigned to be the new  First Officer to Captain Johnson.

This concludes the mission of  the U.S.S. Malta today, called: U.S.S Malta Ep23

Article written by: Dynastar