New Xenology Subdivision Insignia

Dear Members of GFC and guests.

This is Farodin Rhiadra blogging and having the honor to present you the official GFC Xenology Insignia:

The officical GFC Xenology Insignia

GFC Xenology Insignia

Just to give you some Idea on how we formed the looks of the Insignia:

The Insignia is created in line with most of the other GFC designs by general style: golden laurel wreath, circumferencing an outer golden ring, and another, inner ring in division color (Science Division = blue).
In the background one can see the Starfleet Communicator Badge with the excerpt from the UFP-Flag: the Federation Stars. 

The lettering is in normal caps, as Xenology is a SubDivision, whereas Divisions would be in All Caps.

Talking on the SubDivisions Insignia:

The (Sub) Divisional Insignia is formed by a ring in the center of the general design. Blueish in looks to keep up with Science Division colors, symbolizing a magnifying lens. So showing that Xenology is looking – though researching – on something.

Through that magnifying lens you will spot a DNA-Strand that is all covered by something looking as like a scanner beam.
This shall emblematize the scientific method, we are going to use on what we focus on: life – in all its shades and colors.
As one already would have guesses, the DNA-Strand is the main building block of life of many known species – yet the universe has many more, as we all know. Yet this is the most remarkable and versatile though.

Hoping that you all may like the new Insignia.

CaptainFarodin Rhiadra,

GFC XL Lead.