GalaxyFleetCommand Fleet History

Soon after the incident at Wolf 359, and immediately after what became known as the Nemesis Incident, the Metaverse was discovered by Nathaniel Linden. This Metaverse was found to be a nexus point to many disparate points in time and space to which travel was possible.

Through a violation of temporal law, and somewhat unknowingly, Nathaniel Linden made contact with his great, great, great, great-grandson and exposed the existence of the Metaverse to his 21st century counterpart, and the portal was opened.

Second Life® opened in 2003 and with it the beginning of various Sci Fi groups. The Federation also realized the implications this could have on human development. Some groups focused on making great ships and buildings, others focused on weapons.

GalaxyFleetCommand (GFC) formerly known as StarFleetCommand SecondLife Quadrant (SFCSLQ) focused on membership, starting with its 14 original “Trekkers.” With this the glorious GalaxyFleetCommand fleet history started.

In March 2004, Ensign Katrina Bixby and Ensign Cobramax Mechanique, began hosting events for the group.

Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby and Admiral Cobramax Mechanique

Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby and Vice Fleet Admiral Cobramax Mechanique

Their ongoing mission, to explore this strange new world, seek out new life and new civilizations and boldly go where no avatar has gone before, and along the way, find like-minded beings who sought to join them in their exploration of this fascinating, and often dangerous new existence. Soon the group grew to over 100 members.

A recruitment center was established called the StarFleet Operations Site (SOS). Soon, StarFleet Academy was added. New members were processed by creating personnel files and issuing uniforms and equipment.

In June 2004, the group held its first bi-annual Awards Banquet and Ball. Rank pips, promotions, and awards were distributed for the first time to active members. Presently the GFC Ball is still held twice a year.

The vessels of the fleet operate in time slips that allow them to explore the known parts of the existing universe. Known as Role Play (RP) Missions these excursions transport crews to experiences within Federation space… and sometimes beyond!

On June 19, 2008, StarFleetCommand SLQ changed it’s name to GalaxyFleetCommand (GFC) to comply with Linden Lab trademarks.

From it’s humble beginnings, GFC has recruited over 2000 members! The zeal to build a better StarFleet group within Second Life® has provided the enduring power for the group’s growth. With this, many divisions were created and operate together for the good of the fleet.

Admiral Mechanique has implemented regular events for the group. Roleplay attendance has been as high as 18 in one session. The difficulty of getting so many avatars cooperating in the same room attests to the enthusiasm of GFC members.

There are several well kown avatars who have been or still are members of the fleet. Those provide their talents and builds to the fleet.

GalaxyFleetCommand is headquartered in Galaxy Sim, where all can live, work, play, shop, build, and learn. Many members have contributed to the development of this Sim and also their sister sims: Aeon, Sovereign and Constellation. Which existed for a long time.

Galaxy, the oldest of GFC Sims, also hosted the Academy, offices, a multipurpose hall and some homes. Constellation had become a place to relax. It hosted several residential homes as well as some nice places to hang around like the SeaSide. Sovereign was our main roleplay Sim including the Phoenix station and the Galaxy beach. Aeon was the place to have fun and shop with the Galaxy Market and the Aeon Sandbox.

Beginning of 2016 the GFC estate in Second Life was downsized to only one sim: Galaxy. Which will be rebuild again, and its new buildings are inspired by the buildings which where home of the group in its beginning years. Which is a nice memory considering the long time GFC exists?

While downsizing in Second Life, but we are expanding on other grids like Inworldz and DigiWorldz.

There is no doubt our members will continue to contribute to GFC’s success and in so doing, add value to our group. The Admiralty has a vision of a complete StarTrek® enthusiasts community with an Academy, Personnel quarters and housing, and much more.