GFC Celebrates the 2017 Winter Ball with an Ice Party

Marble Floor with IceWelcome to the GFC 2017 Winter Ball!

On 14th January, 2017 it was again the time of the year to celebrate the hard work of the officers of the fleet and award and promote those who were recommend by the senior officers and/or the admiralty.

The theme this year for the event was Ice Party – Frozen Times. We gathered at the meeting hall in a mountain area with snow and ice at the tops. Outside the hall a small pre-party took place.
Ballroom floorWhen it was time to enter we found ourselves on a marble floor with figures on the wall. At the entrance there was a podest with stairs on each side, leading to the main area of the event room. On one of the sides there is a stage with throne and speak desk. The center was divided into two sections; one with tables and chairs for the dinner and the other for the dance after the ceremony.
Snapshot_010The first item on the agenda of the ceremony was a role-play about the Snow Fleet (a team of aliens from a cold planet trying to explore other planets to maybe colonize them.) Unfortunately the crew who entered the Galaxy Sim encountered life forms on the planet. The Snow Fleet members wondered if the life forms already met some other aliens trying to overtake the galaxy. Those aliens are the Springers and the Summerians who are very mean, destroying all with their heat and fire.
Snapshot_022Suddenly a Summerian showed up and tried to melt down the cold and ice galaxy sim to destroy the Snow Fleet and life forms. Snow Fleet crew asked the life forms to help fighting the Summerian . They offered the life forms some snow ball guns. The massive cold from so many snow balls did not leave any chance for the Summerian so he escaped. The snow fleet and the life forms celebrated together and continued the ceremony the life forms just stared to honor the great work of the members of the life forms. At this point I like to thank the actors in the role-play BlueAgate, RoBobby McMillan and Tod ‘Fox’ Vlodovic (tod.vlodovic).
Snapshot_025After the roleplay, ViceFleetAdmiral Mechanique continued with the ceremony going through the promotions first followed by the different awards. All awarded and or promoted officer came to the stage to receive, and giving a thank you speech.
As the official part of the event was over the fun part of it started with some party and dancing. The dance floor was placed behind the tables in front of the stage.
Snapshot_058We all look forward for future events and to the work of all the hard officers supporting the Fleet.
GFC Communications would like to thank TimoL McMillan for building the location, and thanks to all who helped to make the Winter Ball such a nice event.