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Altarian encephalitis: A retrovirus that incorporates its DNA directly into the cells of its host, making them pyrexic, comatose and suffer from widespread synaptic degradation.

Anchilles fever: A deadly disease capable of spreading rapidly and causing widespread and painful deaths.

Andronesian encephalitis: A disease transmitted by airborne particles.

Aphasia virus: A Bajoran-created virus that disrupts the brain’s ability to process audio and visual stimuli.

Arethean flu: A malady for which The EMH Doctor was working on a treatment.

Asinolyathin: A pain-killer that Dr. Bashir gave to O’Brien after he suffered radiation poisoning.

Ba’ltmasor Syndrome: A disease that afflicts Klingons, which requires regular treatments given by injection.

Barclay’s Protomorphosis Syndrome: An airborne disease created by a synthetic T-cell that mutated and caused victims to “de-evolve” into primitive versions of their respective species. Also known as the intron virus.

Bendii Syndrome: A rare disease that affects elderly Vulcans, causing gradual loss of emotional control.

Blight: A genetic plague created by the Jem’Hadar to punish certain populations.

Cardassian virus: A virus that Admiral Kennelly contracted.

Cartalian fever: A disease that can reach plague proportions.

Cholera Acute infectious enteritis: common on Earth in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Coleibic hemmorahage: Cause of death of the infamous Cardassian Gul Darhe’el.

Correllium fever: A disease that struck the planet Nahmi IV.

Darnay’s disease: A deadly ailment that attacks the brain and nervous system of its victims.

Dorek Syndrome: A very rare Ferengi disease.

Enantiodromia: Psychological term that literally means conversion into the opposite.

Eosinophilia: An abnormally high count of serum eosinophils, a type of humanoid white blood cell.

Forrester Trent Syndrome: A very rare degenerative neural disease that when untreated causes paralysis and even death.

Hemocythemia: A malady that afflicted Ensign Wildman’s baby upon birth.

Hesperan Thumping Cough: A flu-like affliction.

Holodiction: Not a real disease, but rather a psychological condition where someone becomes so caught up in the holographic simulations that the real world becomes unimportant.

Hyperacceleration: A biochemical condition that causes the victim to experience one second as if it were an hour.

Iresine Syndrome: A very rare neurological disorder in humanoids that causes them to fall into a sudden coma.

Irumodic Syndrome: A degenerative disorder that causes progressive deterioration of synaptic pathways. If left untreated it can cause senility and even death. There are treatments but no cure for the disease.

Iverson’s disease: A chronic disease that causes fatal degeneration of muscular functions in humans.

Kalla-Nohra Syndrome: A chronic pulmonary disease found only in individuals exposed to the mining accident at Gallitep.

Lacunar Amnesia: A type of amnesia that occurs when a patient witnesses an act of violence so terrible that the patient rejects the reality of the situation.

Larosian virus: A mild disorder that Dr. Bashir once feared that Dax had contracted.

Lavodian flu: A 29-hour virus that the Holographic Doctor simulated in himself to experience being sick.

Lobar pneumonia: A disease from which Elias Sandoval suffered as a child.

Mendakan pox: A childhood ailment that Ensign Kim once had.

Metremia: A disease that afflicts those who were exposed to the Metrion Cascade.

Microvirus: A genetically engineered virus designed to kill only people with a specific DNA sequence.

Nitrogen Narcosis: An affliction that affects deep-sea divers. It is caused by breathing such a high concentration of nitrogen that the gas functions as a mild anesthetic. The nitrogen causing nitrogen narcosis remains dissolved in a diver’s blood and tissues and does not form bubbles. Fuzzy thinking, incoherent reasoning, confusion, and impaired manual dexterity are all symptoms of narcosis.

Orkett’s disease: A malady that afflicts Bajoran children.

Parinisti measles: A malady that the Holographic Doctor found an inoculation for.

Phage: A deadly affliction that has decimated the Vidiian race, forcing them to harvest organs from other beings in order to survive.

Phyrox Plague: A disease that broke out on the planet Cor Caroli V.

Plasma Plague: A group of deadly virus types The Child.

Polycythemia: An affliction that causes an abnormal increase in red blood cells.

Pottrik Syndrome: A disease similar to Kalla-Nohra Syndrome that is even treated by the same medication.

Psi 2000 virus: A water-based disease that causes the suppression of inhibitions and is transmitted through sweat.

Regulan fever: A disease that once afflicted Neema, the daughter of one of Dax’s previous hosts.

Retrovirus: A Taresian virus capable of implanting Taresian DNA into an alien body which then “overwrites” itself upon the host DNA, thus transforming the host into a Taresian.

Rigelian fever: A deadly disease that resembles bubonic plague.

Rigelian Kassaba fever: A disease that McCoy once claimed that Spock suffered from, may or may not really exist.

Rop’ngor: A disease that sometimes affects Klingon children, and is somewhat akin to terrestrial measles.

Rudellian brain fever: A disease apparently native to Bajor that affects the brain.

Rudellian plague: A disease that afflicted the Cardassian population on Pentath III.

Rushton infection: The disease that killed Jeremy Aster’s parents.

Sakuro’s disease: An extremely rare disease that causes intense fever, weakness, and death if not treated.

Synthococcus novae: A bacillus strain organism that is a by-product of modern technology, it is treatable.

Symbalene blood burn: A virulent disease that can rapidly kill large numbers of people in a short amount of time.

T’lokan schism: The breakdown of mental synapses in Vulcans caused by surfacing of repressed memories.

Tanzian flu: A malady that the Holographic Doctor once thought Lt. Paris had.

Tellerian Death Syndrome: A disease that causes cellular decay, symptoms include dizziness, blurred vision & palpitations.

Temporal narcosis: Delirium produced by exposure to a temporal disturbance.

Terrellian plague: A disease that afflicted Romulus in the anti-time reality.

Thelusian flu: An exotic but harmless rhinovirus.

Transporter psychosis: A rare medical disorder caused by a breakdown of neurochemical molecules during transport.

Urudelean flu: A mild affliction to which most humans are immune, but not Lt. Barclay.

Vegan choriomeningitis: A rare and deadly disease with symptoms that include high fever and delirium.

Xanthi fever: An affliction in mature Betazoids that causes them to project their emotional states onto others.

Xenopolycethemia: A disease characterized by an abnormal proliferation of red blood cells that cause various symptoms, including weakness, fatigue, enlarged spleen, and pain in the extremities.

Yarim Fel Syndrome: A fatal disease that afflicts Cardassians.

Zanthi fever: A contagious disease carried by Lwaxana Troi that spread about DS9 that causes people to become instantly attracted to others.

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