GFC at the SciFi Con 2017

This year the SciFi convention in Second Life for Relay for life (by American Cancer Society) hold its 10th anniversary and GalaxyFleetCommand was part of it with its own booth. The con took place from 24th March to 2nd April. As the theme of the convention was “All Aboard The Elemental Tour” the sims where styled based on those elements earth, water, air and fire as well as life and Equilibrium. Our booth was in the fire sim which looked like a vulcan ground made of lava. As rhodium sponsor we were allowed to have 40x40x40 meter big booth.

Our booth was themed with the elements focusing on the fire. The fire was symbolized by several suns. Some of those were information giver where you could learn more about GFC, its divisions, locations (main sim, outpost and colony) and more. The biggest sun was placed above the booth and supported by 4 big columns. The element water was represented by a small waterfall, earth by the map of the planet earth and the air by the booth itself and its open style.

At the booth itself we had historic pictures on display, a lounge with lava lamps, role play posters as well as a small office in the sun above the ground. Furthermore GFC was the host of two events. The first one was a party with our DJ Sodak. The second a building contest where you could build something with a given amount of prims and win a prize. The participants did a really good job. At the end the jury around the SciFiCon host judged based on the creativity, the result it self as well as the difficulty.

In a total GFC is happy with the result and the visitor numbers of the con. Beside this we look forward to the next events hosted by GFC. At the point I like to thank the team who helped to make this event happen. Those people are among others: Sgt. Angelos (Thomas Aker) (building), BlueAgate (building, organisation), Sodak Xeltentat (DJ), Andromeda Quonset (teleporter and scripting), Punkie Magic (punkie Magic) (building contest planning) and JD Matova (GFC event chair). There are for sure many more officers who helped in this event.