New Monorail for GalaxyFleetCommand

Sandbox Station

GFC Monorail: Sandbox Station

GalaxyFleetCommand Engineering is proud to present their latest addition to our sims.

In January, a team of talented GFC’s engineers and researchers built a new monorail system connecting some of our most populated areas. Those engineers and researchers were  TimoL McMillan who did the tracks, Merky (Richmerk Resident) who started the project, Wolfie (wolferein.foxdale) who made the train and Richardjrn Weatherwax who was the project lead and helped with scripting.

This new transportation system, which is still in development phase, currently has four stations to serve you. The Aeon sim contains two stations: The primary hub is located in the Aeon Sandbox, which is a very popular location for our own builders, as well as travelers from other parts of the universe. Our other Aeon station is located in the center of Galaxy Market and within a short walking distance to our Star Gate.

The monorail line follows the Galaxy River where it becomes a subway, making a stop at GFC Headquarters. Continuing underground through the Galaxy sim, directly underneath Roddenberry Center, it again surfaces at GFC Academy, giving students a convenient way to get to class.

Looking to get from Aeon to the Tactical Center in the Sovereign sim? We’re got you covered – Take the trip in our new transparent monorail cars and take the scenic route!

GalaxyFleetCommand is looking forward to the work of our very talented engineers.