Headquarters Reopening 2016

Snapshot_005As you all know GFC is growing again, after we started the rebuild of our sims beginning of this year. The reason for the rebuild is that we reduced to one sim “Galaxy”. In the context of this rebuild we celebrated on April 30th the official re-opening of our headquarters.

Robobby McMillan was the chair of the organisation committee, so he put together a nice agenda of the event. All started with a speech by ADM R. McMillan. He mentioned all the highlights of the event, before he yielded the stage to the FADM.

Snapshot_021FADM Katrina Bixby underlined that it “feels like only yesterday when myself and Cobra (VFADM Cobramax Mechanique) first had this idea to bring our love of Star Trek into Second Life”. With time the fleet grew up and now consists of old friends and new members. Those members are the core of the fleet “without all of you we wouldn’t be sitting here today looking back at the amazing experiences we were lucky enough to share in.” FADM Bixby further encourages the members of the fleet to go forward to a great future.

Snapshot_023The next speaker was VFADM Mechanique. He stressed that “Galaxy (the only sim which survived the reduction of sims) was founded to provide a place for sci-fi minded people to play, work, learn and live in peace”. With this goal the fleet grew in over 10 years to “over thousands of people coming to visit this sim”. This sim has “gone thru many different versions” and today we open a new chapter in its history.

Snapshot_024While the AAC pilots prepared for their air show the officers and members of the fleet could address the crowd to share their own visions. Commodore Kieran Braveheart promised to work hard for the fleet and “bring new life into our new HQ”, rsdworker (rsd58 Congrejo) was next to toast to “people and new HQ for hard work remodeling the sim” Also Tzmukan-Sgt. Angelos (Thomas Aker) addressed the fleet audience. In his speech he stressed the friendship among the officers and members he had met along his journey though the fleet. Last but not least BlueAgate entered the stage to underline that GFC is her “Trek home in Second Life and always will be”. She also mentioned that “we’ll make new memories here in this redesigned Galaxy.”

Snapshot_038Next was the Air Show by the 3 pilots of the Academy Air Corps (Sodak Xeltentat, Sereana Westland and Cobramax Mechanique) as well as Air Chief Gokyu Ugajin. They made a few flyovers over the HQ and the audience. Always drawing colourful dust in the air, showing their manoeuvres like loopings and spirals.

Snapshot_043After the air show the main and official part of the ceremony took place – the ribbon cutting. VFADM Mechanique had the honour to cut the ribbon and officially open the headquarters which he did under a big round of applause.

Snapshot_046In the lobby of the HQ FADM Bixby has set up a history exhibition showing the past of the fleet, its role-play, events and members. On 5 circling cubes photos, maps, posters and lots of memories of the fleet were presented covering all the years the fleet has existed.

Snapshot_051At the same moment, a party started at the roof of the centre tower of the new headquarters building. The host of this party was Ste Mefusula who streamed to the fleet via Galaxy Radio. In parallel a treasure hunt took place, letting the members explore the sims and mainly the headquarters. The price (in total around 2500L$) were donated by Katrina Bixby, BlueAgate, RoBobby McMillan and LKG01A Duke.
The party took a while and all celebrated the reopening of the headquarters. So let us together enjoy the rebuilded sim and go where no one has gone before.