USS Legend RP Launches into Action

It’s been a busy few weeks with the Klingon and TOS Role-Plays launching and now a new Roundabout adventure has been added into the mix; the USS Legend RP.
The USS Legend officially went into service and was introduced into a new RP time slot.

Role-Play pre-briefing

We all know we can’t trust the Romulans, so Starfleet and the Klingons have created a fragile alliance to keep an eye of the more violent descendants of the Vulcan race. Out in a listening post, the Federation and Klingon Empire have been monitoring any traffic from them, but with little effect until a ship stealthily lands and informs the listening post that orders have been sent to see what the Romulans are doing at close quarters.

Admiral Cobramax Mechanique guest appearance at Klingon Outpost

The outpost crew are alarmed to find all they have is a Danube-based runabout to use on the mission as some regard it as suicide. Even the Klingon contingent don’t think this ship will be a good day to die in, but orders are orders, if for the federation or the empire.

Both factions boarded their Runabouts for their new mission and ventured into Romulan space.

Outpost crew goto the Runabout ready for travel into Romulan space

The USS Legend RP will be permanently placed at this location.

Regular crew will be supplied with the appropriate uniforms.
It will be a totally “In Character” area so if your interested in joining the crew then please contact Rigs McCallen (ship Captain) or Sadbrb Resident (Ship XO)

Come meet the crew

Come meet the crew


Join us every week on Sunday 5:00PM Second Life Time (PDT).More pictures — > HERE