FADM visits USS Gibraltar

Monday 13th of February, 11 AM SLT: I stood by the RP meeting area in Sovereign, almost ready to beam up to the USS Gibraltar, the GFC Roleplay ship I’m the Captain of. I was looking forward to today’s RP, as we would continue the story arc we’ve started a little while ago.

The arc is as follows: the Gibraltar crew were accused of destroying a Klingon outpost of the House of Kar’Tog. The Klingons were furious and demanded the Gibraltar crew to be turned over to the Klingon empire for questioning. Starfleet agreed, but the Gibraltar crew did not. They managed to escape, in order to prove their innocence. The crew are now fugitives, enemies of both Starfleet and the Klingon empire.

It’s quite an interesting storyline, if I do say so myself. The best part about the Gibraltar RP, in my opinion, is that we always go on away missions: we don’t just stay on board the (very nice looking) set. So I was about to take my crew to a lunar base somewhere, when I received an IM from FADM Bixby asking if she could join us.

I was of course thrilled with this prospect, but it did pose a bit of a problem. She couldn’t be a Fleet Admiral on board the Gibraltar, now could she, since we were fugitives. However, FADM Bixby graciously agreed to assume the role of a Lieutenant Commander, science officer.

We started, managed to pick up someone outside of GFC who wanted to tag along as well, and then headed to the lunar base. There, all things went south. Doors didn’t want to open, elevators didn’t work… the place was a mess. Thoroughly unsuitable for any kind of roleplay. You would think. Not to us though: we just kept on going with what happened (or didn’t happen) and thus created quite a story, about the crew being trapped and unable to return. Fascinating. And very enjoyable.

 Sadly, Fleet Admiral Bixby wasn’t able to stay until the end, but that’s okay: she got to see how the Gibraltar RPs go, and we got a glimpse of another side of our illustrious Fleet Admiral!

Next week’s Gibraltar episode will be a great one as well… so if you want to participate… 20th of February, 11 AM SLT, RP meeting area in Sovereign. Don’t be late!