GFC BiAnnual Ball celebrating the STAR TREK™ anniversary

Snapshot_004On 16th July it was again the time of the year where officers and members gather to honour and award the hard working members of the fleet, and to present awards and promotions. As the 50th anniversary of the original series of Star Trek is taking place this year, we had chosen this as the theme of the ball. So we started at the GFC auditorium / Galaxy Auditorium. From here we wanted to go to a mission and beam to our ship to start it, but due a transport accident we were transported to the past into the times of Kirk and Spock (TOS era). Even our uniforms were changed.

Snapshot_007We arrived in the transporter room we made our way through the decks of this old Constitution class ship and found a huge ball room with a stage. On the stage we saw a rebuild of a Constitution class bridge. The official part of the event started with a small introduction by ViceFleetAdmiral Cobramax Mechanique followed by an intro of Robobby McMillan introducing a small role-play.

Snapshot_023The role-play was about a TOS era ship on a mission colliding with a time interference and meeting officers form the past (the time when Capt Archer was in charge of the Enterprise). On the other hand an officer from TNG times (Capt Picard in charge of the Enterprise) was found on the Constitution class bridge. An officer from the Temporal Investigations was needed to solve the issue and send all officers back to their own time. The actors around the role-play organised by Strategic Operations Chief Robobby McMillan were: Sophie Johnson (Hydregion), Kieran Braveheart, BlueAgate Resident, Sereana Westland, and Duke Wolfeton (LKG01A Duke)

Snapshot_036After the roleplay Cobramax Mechanique started the award and promotion part of the ball started. Officers in groups of up to 10 were called in alphabetical order to receive their awards. All the called officers stood at attention until it’s their time to be honoured, and say few words. After all awards were presented it was time to present the promotions. The ceremony took place mainly in the same way as the awards.

Snapshot_044As the official part of the event was over the fun part of it started with some party and dancing. The dance floor was placed between the entrance and the chairs.

We all look forward for future events and to the work of all the hard officers supporting the fleet.

I like to say Thanks to all who helped to make the ball such a nice event.