The Borg have come…

Personal log, Commodore RoBobby McMillan.

If anyone reads this, then please… stay away from the Group Assets office. The Borg have made an appearance there! We were called in by Commodore TimoL McMillan, asking for back-up against the Borg. Why they chose the Group Assets office to show up, I don’t know.  Perhaps it had something to do with all the sensitive data Group Assets stores there. Or maybe they just wanted to confuse us. Well, they were successful.

The Borg Queen!The Borg Queen – Yes, she herself was there! – seemed nice enough, at first. I even hoped that we’d get out of this in one piece… but I knew it wouldn’t be simple. Suddenly, one of the Queen’s Drones assimilated Lt.jg Debbydo. She went from being the enthusiastic young officer, to becoming a Borg Drone.

For some unknown reason, the Queen and her Drone quickly left… but Debby of Borg still remained. Before I could stop her, she assimilated my namesake: Commodore TimoL McMillan.

I’m all that’s left now. They’re coming for me, I can sense it. There’s nowhere to hide. Whoever finds this, give my love to my family. I… AAAAAH!


This feels… odd.

I’ve been assimilated before, but back then I wasn’t myself anymore. I was part of a collective. And… what’s this? Plastic? I’ve got a plastic eyepiece? And my white skin is… paint?

Hey… Debs? TimoL? Why are you laughing? Shouldn’t you be assimilated? Is that a camera? What, you tricked me? Wait, is the log still recording?

End log… end log already! Commodore RoBobby McMillan, signing off.