Monkeyman put to trial

During an AAC (Academy Air corps) trainings flight near Sodakville Vice Fleet Admiral was aboard a plane piloted by Academy Commandant and AAC pilot Monkeyman Firethorn (monkeyman8290.firethorn). Unfortunately, the landing approach did not work as it was planned and the plane crashed. The Captain and pilot of the plane did leave the crashed plane without checking if the passenger is OK. The Vice Fleet Admiral was hurt and not able to leave the plane on his own. After his rescue, he was in need of a wheel chair. Due to this fact he requested that the pilot was put on trial for crashing and not leaving the plane as last person.  The pilot got arrested and sent to the BRIG soon after.

Therefore, the trial roleplay started and it lasted several weeks as there where so many information, witnesses and other proofs to be reviewed. The main people in this roleplay where the former GFC member and therefore a neutral and objective judge RoBobby McMillan, the advocate of the accused pilot Sereana Westland, the accuser Yaz (batlhtlhutlh). Also, JD Matova and BlueAgate as assistants of the judge or co-judges.  While the trial continues we heard from witnesses like the AAC chief Gokyu Ugajin, pilot Sodak Xeltentat and others. We saw evidences like the route of the plain, video observation images and many others.

The audience heard that there were some dead crewmen found with the the destroyed landing gear. so how did they come to the place, if nobody was seen on the runway before? The plane was part of a formation flight and other planes could land without any issue. Those persons on the runway looked like Crewman E. Peel and Crewmen Banana.

Further sensor scans also show some subspace interferences and a time gap around the landing area. The Investigations of those uncommon events discovered that there are temporal annomalies. The dead crewmen on the runway seem to be some alien visitors from the future covering in the look of those crewmen. So far it is not clear what those visitors did there and how they came there. But it is very likely that those caused the crash. It is belived that this was a temporal attempted assassination.

As this sudden and unexpected outcome proofs that the pilot and Academy Commandant Monkeyman Firethorn (monkeyman8290.firethorn) is not guilty for crashing the plane. The Judge R. McMillan had no choice and decided that he is free again.

A team of scientist and a security team form Starfleet will continue to investigate the event of the alien visitors.