Relaxing by Constellation Lake


 The Medical Center and the Library in Constellation

Where better to spend time after a long days work in the GFC than to sit and relax to the ripple of the waves and flow of the clam water.

I walk along the path to the library to pick up a good book and make my way down the cobblestone path to constellation lake, located behind the library and the medical centre.

The forest path to the Library

Finding my favorite spot on the sofa, I put my feet up and start reading my book, listening to the birds singing in the trees and the quiet, away from the busy headquarters and Galaxy Market.

Curling up with a book by Constellation Lake


I glance up in the sky and spot one of AAC’s pride and joy, a Gryphon, flying high, gliding through the fluffy clouds heading up to meet the stars and head for the space station DS19.

As I look back and continue to read my book, I’m slowly getting drowsy. My book gently falls as I fall asleep into a warm dream.

Report by: Lt.Jg Debbydo