GFC Celebrates TNG anniversary during Summer Ball 2017

On  15th July, 2017 it was time to honor the work of our officers and fleet members. The Summer ball took place in a place looking like “10 forward” from the TV show “The Next Generations”. This is due the fact that it’s the 3Oth anniversary of “Star Trek – The Next Generations“. So all gathered to award and promote those who were recommend by the senior officers and/or the admiralty.

The transporter brought us to a Transport room near 10Forward, and the walkway lead the way to the event location. In front of the window there was a stage with the speakers desk and stands. On teach side of the stage there were posters with the names of the awarded and promoted officers. In front of stage we had some nice tables and chairs where people can sit and enjoy the event. Behind the tables at the rear of the room we had a bar where some nice drinks where served.

Without a big show or roleplay the ceremony started and ViceFleetAdmiral Mechanique called the officers in groups to the stage to present them with their awards and promotions. The offers where asked to give a small speech to the audience.

As the official part of the event was over the fun part of it started with some party and dancing. VFADM Mechanique asked all to beam to the Galaxy Beach near the headquarter. At the beach bar we danced and had a nice time to finish the Summer ball of 2017.

We all look forward for future events and to the work of all the hard officers supporting the Fleet.

GFC Communications would like to thank all who helped to build the ball environment Thomas Aker and Andromeda Quonset.