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Treatments (and appearing episode)

Alpha wave inducer: A device used to enhance sleep in humanoids, but only meant for occasional use.
Episode: The Passenger

Analeptic compounds: Some kind of medical first aid supply.
Episode: Rise

Anetrizine: A drug used by the Holographic Doctor to treat 7 of 9.
Episode: The Gift

Bioregenerative field: A radiated energy field used in biomedical applications to accelerate cellular growth.
Episode: A Man Alone

Blood-gas infuser: A medical device used by the Holographic Doctor to treat Neelix when he lost his lungs.
Episode: The Phage

Cardiac induction: Emergency medical resuscitative measure.
Episode: The Inner Light

Cardiostimulator: A medical instrument used to treat victims of cardiac arrest.
Episode: Journey to Babel

Cortical analeptics: A medical treatment Dr. Bashir suggested for Dax when she was attacked by a changeling.
Episode: The Adversary

Cortical stimulator: A resuscitative device used aboard Federation starships.
Episode: The Inner Light

CPK enzymatic therapy: A medical treatment to limit the extent of spinal injury.
Episode: Ethics

Cryostasis: A medical procedure used to slow down biological functions in a critically injured patient, allowing the physician more time to correct the malady.
Episode: Dramatis Personae

Cybernetcic regeneration: Some kind of medical treatment.
Episode: 11001001

Decompression chamber: A device used to treat patients who have been exposed to non-class-M atmospheric pressures.
Episode: The Lights of Zetar

Delta wave inducer: A device that helps the body in the production of endorphins to accelerate healing.
Episode: Invasive Procedures

Dermal regenerator: A medical device used to treat puncture wounds.
Episode: Sanctuary Indiscretion /State of Flux

Dermaline gel: A medication used on Federation starships.
Episode: Deadlock

Dermoplastic graft: Bandage-like wrappings used to help 7 of 9’s regeneration process.
Episode: The Gift

Direct reticular stimulation: A medical procedure in which electrical energy is applied directly to the nervous system of a humanoid patient in an attempt to revive neural activity.
Episode: Skin of Evil

Engramatic purge: A procedure employed by the Mari whereby undesired thoughts are erased from the mind.
Episode: Random Thoughts

Hypersonic treatment: A medical treatment used aboard Federation starships to treat hearing problems.
Episode: The Deadly Years

Inhibitor field: Used by Dr. Bashir to treat the Blight victims.
Episode: The Quickening

Intraspinal inhibitor: A device used by the Holographic Doctor to paralyze Torres.
Episode: Darkling

Motor assist bands: Strap-like devices used to help neurologically damaged patients by electrically stimulating their limbs.
Episode: Transfigurations

Neo-analeptic infusion: A treatment used by Dr. Bashir to help Melora adapt to standard gravity.
Episode: Melora

Neural stabilazation field: Used by Dr. Bashir to treat Jake Sisko after his run in with the Muse.
Episode: The Muse

Neural stimulator: Medical instrument used to increase neural activity in the central nervous system of a humanoid brain and one of the artifacts that Rassmussen attempted to steal.
Episode: Skin of Evil / A Matter of Time

Neural transducers: Implantable bioelectric devices that receive nerve impulses from the brain and transmit them to affected voluntary muscle groups. They are used in cases of severe spinal cord injuries.
Episode: Ethics

Neurocortical stimulator: A medical device used by the holographic doctor to treat Denara Pel.
Episode: Lifesigns

Neuroelectrical suppresser: The device that Verad preferred over the delta wave inducer.
Episode: Invasive Procedures

Neurolink: Emergency medical technique used for the stabilization of patients with brainstem injuries.
Episode: Transfigurations

Neuro sequencer: A medical device used to stabilize someone in neural shock.
Episode: The Gift

Osmotic pressure therapy: A treatment used to treat Ensign Wildman’s newborn baby.
Episode: Deadlock

Osteogenic stimulator: A medical device used to treat cranial trauma and bone fractures.
Episode: Distant Voices, Basics Part I

Osteo-regenerator: A medical device used to treat unconscious patients.
Episode: Darkling

Osteotractor frame: A medical device used to treat dislocated joints.
Episode: Transfigurations

Parthenogenic implant: Artificial devices surgically implanted into the human body.
Episode: Samaritan Snare

Physiostimulator: Medical instrument used to elevate metabolic functions in an impaired individual.
Episode: The Enterprise Incident

Plasma infusion unit: Medical equipment used aboard Federation starships to dispense fluids and electrolytes.
Episode: Schisms

Pressure pad: A bandage-like device used to treat Spock’s gunshot wound.
Episode: A Private Little War

Protodynoplaser: Medical equipment used to help the Zalkonian John Doe to stabilize his immune system.
Episode: Transfigurations

Psycho-techtic treatments: Medical treatments used by the J’naii to treat their deviants.
Episode: The Outcast

Pulmonary support unit: Emergency cardiopulmonary support unit in use aboard Federation starships.
Episode: Tapestry

RF Transmitter: A medical device used by the holographic doctor to treat Denara Pel.
Episode: Lifesigns

Ribosome infusion: A Federation medical treatment.
Episode: The Enemy

Sequence initiator: A medical device used by Dr. Crusher to restore the crew’s memory after Satarran attack.
Episode: Conundrum

Somnetic inducer: A small neural pad used to aid the induction of sleep in humanoids.
Episode: The Mind’s Eye

Sonic separator: A medical instrument used by Dr. McCoy to restore Spock’s brain to his body.
Episode: Spock’s Brain

Stasis unit: An emergency medical device used aboard Federation starships to hold a patient in a state of suspended animation until medical treatment could be rendered.
Episode: Tapestry

Subcutaneous bone fusion unit: A medical device used to mend broken bones.
Episode: Clues

Synaptic induction: A technique in neurotherapy used for patients suffering from traumatic memory loss.
Episode: Transfigurations

Synaptic reconstruction: Surgery which neutralizes the synaptic pathways responsible for deviant behavior.
Episode: Frame of Mind

T-cell stimulator: A medical device in use aboard Federation starships, it increases the production of T-cells.
Episode: Identity Crisis

Tissue mitigator: A medical instrument used in surgical procedures.
Episode: Samaritan Snare

Trilaser connector: A medical instrument used by Dr. McCoy to restore Spock’s brain to his body.
Episode: Spock’s Brain

Vasoconstrictor: A medical treatment or medicine used to “shrink” the diameter of blood vessels.
Episode: The Swarm

Vascular pad: A medical device used to heal stab wounds.
Episode: Phantasms

Vascular regenerator: A medical device used by the Holographic Doctor to repair Fred Noonan’s damaged heart.
Episode: The 37’s

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