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Diagnosis (and appearing episode)

Autonomic Response Analysis: A scan used to determine whether someone is telling the truth or not.
Episode: Ex Post Facto

Autosuture: A medical instrument in use aboard Federation starships, used for wound closures.
Episode: Suddenly Human

Basilar arterial scan: A medical scan that Dr. Bashir performed on O’Brien when he experienced his time shifts.
Episode: Visionary

Berylite scan: A medical procedure used aboard Federation starships.
Episode: A Matter of Time

Bioscan: A medical scan whose detail is signified by numbered levels.
Episode: Justice

Brain-circuitry pattern: Medical diagnostic image mapping neural activity in a humanoid brain.
Episode: The Lights of Zetar

Cerebral cortical scan: A medical scan used aboard Federation starships.
Episode: Persistence of Vision

Coagualation activator: A medical device used on DS9.
Episode: Distant Voices

Cortical monitor: A device worn by the patient to monitor his brain activity at all times.
Episode: Blood Fever

Cytological scan: A test used to determine compatible donors in emergency surgical procedures.
Episode: State of Flux

Cytoplasmic stimulator: A medical device in use aboard Federation starships.
Episode: The Phage

Deep tissue scan: A medical scan performed during a post-mortem investigation.
Episode: Sub Rosa

Detronal scanner: A medical instrument used to read and encode the DNA patterns of living tissue.
Episode: Ethics

DNA reference scan: A medical test used to confirm an individual’s identity by matching DNA patterns.
Episode: The Passenger

Drechtal beams: A surgical device used to sever neural connections.
Episode: Ethics

Dynascan: A medical scan used by Dr. Crusher to determine the location of a hidden Klingon bomb.
Episode: Reunion

Electrophoretic analysis: A standard medical test run to analyze cellular components.
Episode: A Man Alone

Exoscalpel: A surgical instrument used to incise the skin and expose underlying tissue.
Episode: Ethics

Genitronic replicator: An experimental medical device designed to translate genetic code into a specific set of replication instructions, allowing the device to grow a replacement organ.
Episode: Ethics

Hyperencephalogram: A medical test that records and measures brain-wave activity.
Episode: The Lights of Zetar

Hypospray: A medical instrument used by Starfleet medical personnel for subcutaneous and intramuscular administration of medication for many humanoid patients.
Episode: Many episodes

Hypo-syringe: A medical instrument similar in look and use to a hypospray.
Episode: The Drumhead

Hypothalamic series: A medical test used to determine hypothalamic functions.
Episode: Genesis

Inner nuncial series: A battery of neurological tests.
Episode: The Loss

Isotropic restraints: A table-like medical device used to keep patients immobilized.
Episode: Threshold

K-3 indicator: A medical measurement of neural activity corresponding to the level of pain being experienced by a patient.
Episode: Operation–Annihilate

Microcellular scan(ner): A detailed sensor scan of microscopic functions within living cells.
Episode: Genesis (The Quickening)

Myocardial enzyme balance: A medical test used in surgical (particularly cardiac) procedures.
Episode: Samaritan Snare

Neural calipers: Medical instrument used in surgical procedures.
Episode: Samaritan Snare

Neural cortical monitor: A medical device used to monitor a patient’s brainwave patterns.
Episode: Flashback

Neural imaging scan: Medical diagnostic scan used to test the acuity of the patient’s visual cortex.
Episode: Babel

Neural scan: A medical scan performed on Lwaxana Troi by the Ferengi.
Episode: Mènage á Troi

Neurographic scan: A highly detailed neural study.
Episode: All Good Things…

Neuromuscular scan: A medical scan used to analyze damaged tissues.
Episode: Battle Lines

Phoretic analyzer: A biomedical analysis device that Dr. Bashir uses on DS9.
Episode: Dramatis Personae

Positron emission sensor: A device used by Dr. Crusher in her autopsies of the crew of the USS Brattain.
Episode: Night Terrors

Psychotricorder: Instrument used to record past memories.
Episode: Wolf in the Fold

Resonance tissue scan: A medical diagnostic test used by Starfleet physicians to screen for infection.
Episode: Schisms

Retinal imaging scan: A medical test used to verify the presence or absence of activity in the visual cortex.
Episode: The Passenger

Robbiani dermal-optic test: A medical diagnostic test that registers a subject’s emotional structure through skin and pupil response to visual stimulation at specific color wavelengths.
Episode: Turnabout Intruder

Sero-amino readout: A Federation medical test.
Episode: The Nth Degree

Steinman analysis: A medical test that notes individual specific data such as voice analysis and brain patterns.
Episode: The Lights of Zetar

Subneural scan(ner): A medical test used aboard Federation starships.
Episode: The Phage (Persistence of Vision)

Thoracic polychromatics: Something to do with Picard’s heart operation.
Episode: Samaritan Snare

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