USS Ajax Interviews – Thomas Aker

Hello dear readers,


This is the Federation News Service again, with another amazing interview of one of the intrepid crew of the new USS Ajax. We’re eager to get to know these heroes better, so please join me in giving a warm welcome to Thomas Aker!

1. Please state your name, rank and species?   
Thomas Aker, Commander, Last time I checked I was human

2. Can you explain briefly what it is you do on board the USS Ajax?
RP Support, Tactical 2, Engineering 2

3. How did you end up here? How has your career progressed?
Slow and steady I came up threw the crewman ranks then went to OTS.

4. What would you still like to achieve in the future?
Bbe the only Admiral in GFC to go from C2C to Admiral.

5. What was the most memorable mission you’ve ever been on, on board the USS Ajax? And why?
Shore leave at Quarks as I get to dance with Blew (hubba hubba)

6. When you’re off duty, what is it you’d like to do to unwind?
go up to the AAC Airfield and fly my F-16 Thunderbird

7. And finally: what do you think of the new Sovereign class Ajax? What are your hopes, dreams, expectations of this vessel?   
I like the fact that I get to learn more every time and I get to be part of the RP as I use to just watch it. it is teaching me how to be a better RPer.


Well there you go readers! Another exciting look at one of the heroic USS Ajax crewmembers. Stay tuned for more interviews!

((If you want to attend the USS Ajax RP, go to the GFC RP Center on Tuesdays at 6.30 PM SLT!))