USS Ajax Interviews – BlueAgate

Hello dear readers,
This is the Federation News Service writing this message, with some amazing news! We’ve managed to interview some of the senior crew of the USS Ajax. You know this ship, of course: the brand-new Sovereign class ship now continues the adventures that its Galaxy class predecessor started on, so many years ago.
This new ship is of course a great moment to get to know the crew that will guide this ship towards even more amazing adventures. The first in this series will be USS Ajax Helm Officer, Commander BlueAgate!

1. Please state your name, rank and species?    
Commander – Helm – Human

2. Can you explain briefly what it is you do on board the USS Ajax?  
I drive the bus.

3. How did you end up here? How has your career progressed?
Humm, that’s a hard question.  I suppose I volunteered :-).  I started out as an Ensign and I’m a Commander so I’ve progressed.  I keep getting additional zeros on my paycheck so that’s a good thing.

4. What would you still like to achieve in the future?
A better deductible rate from my Mutual of Cobramax policy and to expunge the nefarious claim that I scratched the paint..

5. What was the most memorable mission you’ve ever been on, on board the USS Ajax? And why?
The episode where everyone but me got tipsy at the bar.

6. When you’re off duty, what is it you’d like to do to unwind? 
Spend quality time with my partner.

7. And finally: what do you think of the new Sovereign class Ajax? What are your hopes, dreams, expectations of this vessel? 
I think its fluffy.  I’m hoping that I don’t scratch the paint and I finally get that nefarious statement off my record that I scratched the paint to begin with.  IT WASN’T MY FAULT!

Thank you very much, Commander BlueAgate! We’re hoping to see more of these interviews soon, so check back here regularly!

Remember, you can join the USS Ajax crew as well: just go to the GFC RP Center every Tuesday at 6.30 pm SLT!