Through the Gateway

Personal Log
Commodore RoBobby McMillan

I’m so excited! I can barely control myself. Okay, I need to snap out of this. Control yourself RoB, control yourself. Right, perhaps I should just start at the beginning.

About 200.000 years ago, a race known as the Iconians, known to some as Demons of Air and Darkness, built transportation gateways to conquer enemy planets and races without the use of interstellar ships. The gateways allowed them to move from their home planet to anywhere else in the galaxy in the blink of an eye. The Iconians gateways were similar to our transporters, only much more technically advanced.

I’ve been interested in the Iconians for ages. It’s this interest that drove my decision to work in the GFC Library, where I could spend more time learning about them. Our library has obtained an impressive amount of knowledge. Books, articles… I just read another interesting book about them, however I’ve never seen an Iconian gateway itself. According to known Starfleet history, they had all been destroyed long ago.

Or so we thought.

On a recent trip through the wormhole near DS19, a Starfleet ship found a remaining Iconian gateway. Several science teams studied the device in secret, and brought back the knowledge to build something similar. However, there was one problem. It needed to be connected to some sort of subspace rift in order to work.

The Wormhole, near DS19: GFC Space Station

The Wormhole, near DS19: GFC Space Station

The only known subspace breach in the area is the one connected to the wormhole near DS19: the multiverse breach, which of course made GalaxyFleetCommand possible. Through it, it’s possible to access various universes. This breach is well known to all of us: it’s given us new worlds to explore, new people to meet and new, strange and exciting adventures to have.

The GFC scientists managed to manufacture our own version of the Iconian Gateway, and hook it up to the breach in the multiverse.

The device, when activated, allows for instantaneous travel between various universes and worlds within the known multiverse. It wasn’t without its bugs though, as it doesn’t perform as well as the scientists had hoped. Our technology is far less advanced than the Iconians, so our gateway is only capable of  remaining open for a short periods of time. The interface of course had to be updated for modern times, so our scientists used a number of symbols to represent destinations, a way to dial out to the receiving end.

Still, it works. I for one am thrilled! This gives us the opportunity to not only travel to places we never knew existed, but also for others to come and visit us! For once we are not the only ones doing the exploring… apparently many people from many universes are using similar devices to explore as well. Think of the knowledge we’ll gain, the wonders we’ll see!

I think I’m going to find myself an away team and volunteer for one of the first trips through the gateway. Some have even nicknamed it a Stargate, which is really quite an appropriate name. Whatever it’s called though, it opens up a whole new way of exploring. That’s why we’re here, isn’t it?
Right, I’ve got to go. Got a whole bunch of universes to explore. Busy, busy, busy!

Commodore RoBobby McMillan, signing off.