Pilot Run of a New RP – The USS Pegasus

USS Pegasus – Ship’s Log
Captain Silver Visage

The USS Pegasus, a decommissioned refit Constitution Class ship has been recommissioned and equipped with technology used on modern-day ships. (phasers, torpedoes, shields, warp drive)

Our mission starts with the Pegasus docked at Earth Spacedock.

Upon receiving the green light from dock, the ship clears the spacedock and sets out for the distant edge of the Alpha Quadrant to explore a recently discovered world. Our crew hope to test the ship systems along the way.

Only minutes after transitioning to warp, we ship receives a distress signal from Vulcan. A mining accident has occurred on a large asteroid containing dilithium ore orbiting Vulcan. The resulting explosion has changed the asteroids course, sending it towards Vulcan. Because it contains dilithium, an impact with the planet’s surface would be catastrophic.

The Vulcans require us to break the asteroid into smaller fragments in order for them to burn up in the planet’s atmosphere. After the asteroid is successfully destroyed, the Vulcans thank us, and we continue our course to the unexplored planet at the edge of the quadrant.

When the exploration is complete, the crew reports it’s findings to Starfleet and then the ship returns to Earth Spacedock, where it will undergo the final installation of her re-fit.)

Captain Silver Visage

End Log

Note: This is a new RP and in it’s early stages. Hopefully it will become a fully scheduled Roleplay event on the GFC calendar in the future,  so keep an eye out for notifications.